9th Art Naif Festiwal 10. June - 19. August 2016

Dear Artists!

We would like to invite you to take part in 9th Art Naif Festival. This international festival of naive art for the 9th time will be held in the Szyb Wilson Gallery in Katowice, Poland. This is an unique event in Europe. Last year we have exhibited almost 1500 paintings and sculptures, 367 artists from more than 30 countries all over the world were presented. This enormous exhibition was popular not only among the citizens of Silesia and Poland. We were visited by foreign guests, strongly interested in naive art. Almost 30 000 visitors took part in the events of the Festival! To feel the climate of Art Naif Festiwal please check our VIDEOS


Upper Silesia is traditionally perceived as an industrial region. From the beginning of the XIX century it developed as an important region of mines and steel works. But not deprived of art. Colorful world of so-called “naive” artists appeared in the heart of industrial Silesia in 30ties of XX century, when a group of four amateur painters, miners working in Giesche mine, was created under the leadership of Teofil Ociepka, who was inspired by the occultism. These painters were creating colorful, mystical representations drawing upon both mythology and classical painting motives, embedding often surreal scenes in Upper Silesian landscape. This group was then called „Grupa Janowska” and it still exists.

The times have changed and many of the industrial plants were closed, but art and creation are still there!

At the area of former Giesche mine, in the Szyb Wilson Gallery (Wilson Shaft Gallery) tradition is still cultivated by Art Naif Festival, during which works of artists from all over the world are exhibited.


First edition of Festival took place in 2008. From that time we are honored and pleased to host hundreds of artists from all over the world, together with thousands of their talent lovers. We present most of all paintings, but also sculpture and ceramics. We are proud to work with wonderful artists from many countries including Australia, Burkina Faso, Argentina, Israel, United States, Colombia, Tanzania and many European countries.

Year 2016 promises to be really great! 9th Art Naif Festival will be held form 10th June until 19th August 2016.

As each year we are planning many parallel events. The exhibition will be accompanied with several lesser exposures organized in the local museums as well as many workshops, film screenings, lectures.

Special guest: Spain

Special guests of forthcoming edition is Spain and paintings from your country will be exposure’s dominant. After last year's melancholy and calm of Scandinavia the Festival of 2016 will be filled with Southern energy and temperament! We do not only would like to show the art of Spain but at least a glimpse of its culture: music, cuisine, film, literature – we will prepare additional events: workshops, exhibitions, film screening and concerts to present this variety to the public!


How to participate

It is very simple – you just have to fill in the Technical description, add the photos of the paintings and send it to us by e-mail no later than on 31st March 2016. After that you will get the confirmation of participation. The paintings should come to Poland no later than on 15th May. The participation is free of charge however we ask you to transfer 25 euro to cover the cost of sending the paintings back.

Please note that although we wait for your Technical description till the end of March we will appreciate very much if you just let us know that you are willing to participate as soon as you decide – that will help us to organize everything well!

All the details concerning participation you will find in Regulations. We strongly recommend you to read  it carefully – it contains important information about the dates and deadlines as well as the rules concerning sending, exhibiting the paintings and their security. If anything is unclear or because of some reasons you are not able to fulfill one of the regulations’ section please contact us and we will try to solve the problem.


According to the annual tradition we invite you to the dinner the day before the opening. It is a time that can be spent at intimate conversations only among the artists – peaceful evening before all day madness on the day of opening. We warmly encourage you to send the applications. We hope to meet you in Katowice in June!


In case of any questions, please contact with us at projekty@szybwilson.org

Documents to download:


Technical description

Hotel Novotel in Katowice has prepared a special offer for our participants:

Hotel Novotel offer


Eko-Art Silesia Foundation
The Wilson Shaft Gallery

Coordinator of the Festival: Karolina Luksa (English, French)

Oswobodzenia 1
40-403 Katowice, Poland

+48 32 730 32 20, (+48) 602 26 70 35
e-mail: projekty@szybwilson.org

Director of Festival

Monika Paca
President of Foundation
+48 602 472 134
e-mail: mpaca@o2.pl